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Writing Experiences | Publications


"SuperMom" ( poem published in International Women’s Day Pullout,

The Star - March 2015) [print]

"My Baby Butterfly" (poem published in iRiS Magazine #1 - September 2017) [print]

"My IntEruption of Thoughts" (published in The Poet’s Haven Digest #4
- December 2017) [print]

"F a n t a s y" (featured in The Wordsmiths' Wardrobe  - April 2019) [online]

"Fa n t a s y" (featured in Nature's Myth & Lore - June 2019) [online]

"Fo l k l o r e" (featured in Nature's Myth & Lore - August 2019) [online]

"Forbidden they say" (featured in Nature's Myth & Lore - October 2019) [online]

"Scarred fingers" (published in Spillwords Press - September 2020) [online]

"The Spirit Guides" (published in Noctivagant Press: Issue One: Spring Edition (pages 6-7) - 10 April 2021) [online]  

“Free” published in anthology, Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women - June 9th 2022) [print]

“A Cry to Know Whether You’re Okay" (published in Spillwords Press- 8 Jan 2022) [online]

"Just an EXTRA Ordinary Day" (published in Spillwords Press - 1 Nov 2022) [online]

Short Story

The Mysterious Knocker published in an anthology, Collecting Dust (1 Sept 2022) [print] 


Scriptwriter for a documentary, Away But Home, short films,  Lost Boys

and Revenger (2015 -2017)

Editorial Intern at Tongue in Chic & Makchic (November-September 2017)

2 articles were published in Tongue in Chic 

– UNHCR Marketplace for World Refugee Day [Read]

– Call for Applications: HANDs! Project for Disaster & Environmental Education

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